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Abe, a labor worker, is always scolded by people younger than him. One day he saw a beautiful stewardess passing by the construction site, and he was immediately captivated. Could this be what people call fate? To learn more about her, Abe secretly followed her. He knew her address, her name and the bar she frequented. In order to get closer to Yu, Abe pretended to be a psychiatrist, Yu trusted him and confided everything to him. While Yu was out, Abe put an aphrodisiac into Yu's wine glass. After taking it, Yu quickly lost control. She was taken to the bathroom by Abe and the effects of the drug made her extremely crave cock. And then she gave Abe a blowjob in the bathroom. She was about to move forward when the medicine wore off. Yu quickly left, much to the embarrassment of both of them. To be able to make her completely his own. Abe tried to make Yu misunderstand her husband and repeatedly gave her aphrodisiacs. I thought my life would be all rosy from now on, but it wasn't! Abe had an accident right when he got the girl he wanted, leaving Yu sitting alone at the bar where the two met.

JUL-499 The beautiful flight attendant was drugged with aphrodisiacs by a lowly worker
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